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July 23, 2016

Designo 4.0 is here!

It’s been a while since we shut down our site to work on a new more professional look and revamp the services we want to provide.

Although we still have some more work to do, we are happy to finally launch the 4th version of Designo Inc’s website. Our newest service that we are proud to offer is our website and technical consulting. Over the last 7 years in business, working with multiple clients both in vegas and remotely, taking over from previous web designers or IT techs, its become very evident that this industry is filled with individuals and companies that are inexperienced, unreliable, and dishonest. We hope to become a recognized company that many individuals and business owners can trust for professional consulting before they invest or sign off on their next business venture.

The typical scenario: A customer finds someone that’s willing to do the work, and at the price desired. The company the customer has engaged with uses lingo, or verbiage that is outside of the customer’s capabilities of properly comprehending. Or, the actual work itself is unable to be completely verified by the customer as to whether or not its completed properly. Usually 3/4 into the project, the company either struggles to deliver what the customer wants and begins making excuses, starts to become unavailable, or requests more money. When the job is completed, usually the customer is left in a dependency on that company for the future, thus requiring them to constantly use them in the future. Smart on their part business wise, bad service in our opinion for the customer. By utilizing an outside source, and getting a second opinion by a company that is experienced and does know the language, it can potentially save you thousands of dollars, and hours and hours of your time. With out non-competitive attitude, we are simply offering you the facts and our opinion to help you make the best decision possible in regards to your business.

So please check out our services, and if there’s anyway we can be of assistance to you and your business please feel free to contact us.

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