With Designo, it's like having your very own IT department.

Designo specializes in providing quality, professional & reliable services in the fields of website design, graphic design, networking, technical support, internet marketing and IT consultation.

With over 15 years of experience, over 7 years in business, and a constant strive for educating ourselves on future developments in technology, Designo is a company you can trust with your website and IT needs.

We help you succeed!

While most companies focus on profit, Designo focuses on how we can help you and your business succeed.

We always offer our honest, professional and educated advice regarding your needs with consideration to your budget. We work with you step by step until our work has exceeded expectations. And with our experienced and efficient work methods, we are able to provide the same level of service at a lower cost than most companies.

So if you are looking for an honest, professional and reliable company, congratulations - you have found Designo Inc.

We Are:

  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Honest
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  • Experienced


1How Much Does a New Website Cost?
We compare websites to purchasing a car. It all depends on what you need your website to achieve and what quality of website you want to have. Some people want a BMW, others just need a car to get to the store and back. However, our Mobile Friendly/Responsive websites start as low as $500.
2Can You Redesign My Old Website To Save Time/Money?
Having existing content is great, as it allows us something to build off of. With that said, 75% of a site must be recreated if its not already mobile friendly. Your existing text and images greatly reduces the chances of the website going over our estimate, and in the end could save you a few hundred. We are always honest with our pricing and will discount a website design project if we feel we've finished our job in a considerably less amount of time than originally expected.
3What Does a Mobile Friendly or Responsive Website Mean?
Mobile Friendly and Responsive are somewhat used to describe the same thing. However the difference is Mobile friendly can be a mobile version of your site, but responsive means your website 'responds' to the viewers screen size. We prefer Responsive as it allows you to only generate content once, and will optimize itself on all devices including large monitors, laptops, tablets and various phones. This is VERY important if you are concerned about your search placement in google.
4What Guarantees Do You Offer?
We stand by our services that we provide. If for any reason any of our services are not performed up to your standards, feel free to let us know so we can rectify the situation. With our website design, we build the website in stages and your final payment is not due until you agree you are satisfied with the end product. For our technical services, if there's ever a issue that our technicians are at fault for, we will immediately resolve free of charge. Depending on the install, our services are guaranteed for 30 days.
5Can We Meet in Person to Discuss Our Project?
Yes, we have an office located off of 215 and Rainbow and can meet with you to discuss your project in details. We also are willing to meet at your office or a central location if that is more convenient.

Our Services

  • Website Design & Redesign
  • Programming - PHP, Java, CSS
  • Graphic Design & Print Services
  • Networking & Cat5/6 Cabling
  • Phone/Remote/On-Site Tech Support
  • Internet Marketing & SEO
  • Business Branding
  • Social Media Management
  • IT/Website Consultation
  • Security Camera Systems
  • Computer Training
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