Update from Designo Inc. for 2022

These changes have gone into effect as of January 1st 2022

Hello Valued Client,
Thanks for your continued support of Designo Inc. and patience with my availability over the last few years while I have transitioned back to running my company full-time, became a father, built a 2nd business and survived the government’s brutal attack on small businesses. In an effort to be more organized and provide better service, I have made some changes with how customers can engage with my services and the details are below. 

Option 1

Become a CLIENT with a Monthly Subscription

Starting in 2022, I am now charging a monthly fee to be a client. This keeps everything the same and gives you the ability to call/email/text questions or requests, fix small issues, and be invoiced for the my time worked on your projects in 15 minute increments remotely. The monthly options are:

  1. Website Support – $50/month
  2. IT Support – $50/month (Up to 2 users)
  3. IT & Website Support – $100/month
  4. Small Business IT Support – $100/Month (More then 2 users)
  5. Social Media Support – $100/month
  6. Marketing Support – $250/Month
All monthly support options are billed automatically every month on the first of the month. Details of each support service can be found when ordering online. The monthly service can be cancelled at any time and is limited to 20 clients. 

Option 2

Order Services Online When Needed

For customers who do not have ongoing needs for their website or IT related issues, you now can order online an hour of of time for your project. Once you have made an order, you can include the details in the order at checkout or email the specifics or attachment of documents as needed to orders@designoinc.com. The online orders are for a minimum hour of my time, regardless of how small the project is and anything over an hour will be billed additionally in 1/2 hour increments to be paid upon completion. Once I have checked your order and my schedule, I will set a day and time for your service and notify you. Any additional needs/requests will need to be made prior to the start of your service. Once an order is completed, a new order will need to be created, even if it carries on from the last order as I am scheduling a specific hour of my time for your project. 

For new websites or larger IT projects ($250+) we can freely discuss via email/phone/text as normal. But moving forward, I will no longer be accepting or responding to random calls, texts or emails with requests/questions or ‘quick fixes’ without being a client or placing an online order. This helps me stay focused on clients that need my services on a regular basis as well as stay organized with customer’s requests. 

Updated Rates For Service

ONSITE Services

  • Regular Hourly $75/Hour
  • After Hours & Weekend $100/Hour

    Saturday & Sundays or After 6pm

  • Emergency $125/Hour

    Same or Next Day Service

Remote Services

  • Regular Hourly $50/Hour
  • After Hours & Weekend $50/Hour

    Saturday & Sundays or After 6pm

  • Emergency $80/Hour

    Same or Next Day Service